I help management to have a manageable and successful social media presence.

I help management to have a manageable and successful social media presence.


Only 39% of CEOs have a social presence 


Only 60% of CEOs who have Twitter accounts are actually tweeting


39% of CEOs with LinkedIn profiles who are not LinkedIn influencers have
500+ connections

Be visible and credible for both your employees and customers.

Improve the reputation of your company.

Reach customers, investors, current and prospective employees, press and industry peers.

Enhance credibility in your market.

Show innovation in the age of digital transformation.

Set an example for your employees.

Connect with current and
potential customers on a more
personal level.

Show the personal, human side of
the company and the CEO.

Better understand customers
through more direct engagement
and social listening. This allows for
more direct feedback and more
rapid product improvement.

Be transparent. Visibility lends to

Meet the customer where they

live. Consumers increasingly live
on social media. CEOs are
missing an opportunity if they’re
not there, too.

Garner significant customer loyalty

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BoardroomSocial delivers a tailor made coaching-program. Think of the following elements:

 ✔ Kick off session

✔ Develop your personal brand

✔ Setting up or upgrade your current profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn

✔ Setting your goals

✔ Monthly reporting

✔ One 1:1 social social session a month

✔ Whatsapp lifeline

✔ End evaluation

✔ And of course: 100% discretion assured.

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My name is Stéphan Lam. My belief is that in a time of digital transformation, where digital should be a part of your DNA, a strong social media presence is crucial. Our customers, employees and suppliers are transforming fast and we need to connect and engage with them. 

I experienced that executives rarely have time to work at their social media presence. Therefore I'd like to help them to work on their personal brand in a fast and efficient way, without losing authenticity.

During my career I supported different levels of management with their social media presence, including C-level management.

Contact me to build your online presence, and connect with customers, investors, current and prospective employees, press and industry peers. Build trust and drive sales.

"Stéphan was the first to offer on personal branding on social to all employees as well as to senior leadership. Stephan played an important role in getting the Microsoft The Netherlands empowered to engage into social conversations, giving the brand a face and driving conversations based on personal profiles. This was a first of its kind. "

Julie de Widt-Bakker - Corporate Communications & Citizenship Lead Microsoft The Netherlands

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“Successful leaders will no longer be measured just by stock price. Managing and communicating with shareholders, employees, government, community, customers will be table stakes in the future. They are talking about your business anyway. Why not be included in the conversation? "

Peter Aceto CEO, ING DIRECT Canada


Stéphan Lam